Caught Redhanded - 2017

Submitted by: Susanna Chu

As we wrap up 2017, we at Radius Security take tremendous satisfaction in a job well done. Here is a look back at some of the bad guys we caught Redhanded. We wish you and yours all the best in the New Year.


 Redhanded 2017 (2:49 m)


Apprehensions included in the video

Job Site Snoops - March 19, 2017 (1:48 a.m.) – Two suspects explore a construction site around 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning. No security guards are on site, so Radius operators quickly dispatch the police, who arrest both suspects nearby.

Trespassing Teens - June 23, 2017 (1:01 a.m.) – When three teenagers hop a fence onto a construction site, Radius dispatches police right away. Officers arrive within 5 minutes to confront and apprehend all three.

Jump, Climb, Run - July 23, 2017 (11:23 p.m.) – Two men jump a construction site fence. Police surround the site and watch them climb a crane. Ordered to come down, they run down an alley. Officers pursue and apprehend both suspects.

Troublesome Teens - September 30, 2017 (12:19 a.m.) – Five teens look for mischief at a construction site after midnight. Police apprehend two suspects as they exit. Radius tracks the other three as they scatter, but the officers opt not to pursue.

Drunken Spree - March 4, 2017 (10:31 p.m.) – Five youths run frantically across a construction site. Police arrive, set up a containment perimeter and soon apprehend five suspects. All of them intoxicated.

Bad Date - November 5, 2017 (10:59 p.m.) – A man pulling a suitcase and holding a pizza box hangs out with a woman at a construction site. After he gestures wildly and throws garbage onto the lot, his companion leaves. The erratic and aggressive suspect later confronts police and gets a ride in the patrol car.

Shady Scavengers - October 6, 2017 (4:47 p.m.) – A man and woman break into an RV dealership and collect items from a nearby site. Thanks to Radius, six police units rush there and arrest both suspects immediately.

Crane Climber Busted - October 4, 2017 (6:35 p.m.) – Climbing to the top of a construction crane may seem fun. Until a cop scolds you. Then arrests and escorts you off site.

Swiping Rims - September 14, 2017 (2:59 a.m.) – An intruder takes rims from a storage container at an auto dealership. He carries them offsite and returns with a helper. This time, however, the police apprehend both thieves with their loot.

Tree Shopping - October 9, 2017 (10:15 p.m.) – A suspect digs up a large tree from an auto dealership and loads it along with other items into a shopping cart. Two officers arrive to stop him.

Shady Shoppers - April 7, 2017 (3:17 a.m.) – Two suspects armed with flashlights explore a car dealership and leave with a loaded shopping cart. Police, with Radius’ help, soon locate and arrest both of them.

Excavator Ride - December 2, 2017 (2:53 a.m.) – Two intruders climb down a ladder at a construction site and mount an excavator. After police arrive, a Radius suspicious behaviour alert (SBA) forces the suspects to exit. They are apprehended right away.

Sneaky Sailors - October 21, 2017 (2:57 a.m.) – Three suspects do their best to keep a low profile as they sneak around a marina. With Radius, however, they have nowhere to hide.

Party Time - November 24, 2017 (2:19 a.m.) – Three men and two women break into a marina and party aboard a boat. The party is over within minutes as the police arrive.

Stolen Cord- March 12, 2017 (11:26 p.m.) – Radius cameras zero in on a suspect stealing electrical cord from a construction site. He doesn’t get far before police have him in custody.

Stop, Thief!- August 22, 2017 (3:26 a.m.) – At an auto dealership, a man appears to remove a license plate from a car, plus an outboard motor and other items from a boat. Police catch him rifling through yet another vehicle.

In Plain View - October 5, 2017 (7:35 p.m.) – Police catch an intruder at a construction site. They find narcotics and several sets of bank cards and IDs. Our client watches the arrest unfold on his iPad, thanks to Radius and Redhanded technology.

Tire Thief - October 30, 2017 (6:09 a.m.) – An intruder lugs out several tires and a skid at a car dealership. Police officers, however, order him to put them back.

Chase and Tackle - November 1, 2017 (11:44 p.m.) – Radius directs police to an intruder hunkered down between two cars at an auto dealership. The suspect makes a run for it, but officers tackle him to the ground. Caught. Redhanded.

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