Teamwork Catches Crooks

Submitted by: Susanna Chu

A security system is only as effective as the people responding to it. You can purchase the most expensive state-of-the-art video surveillance technology, install banks of security cameras, hire guards around the clock--and still fail to arrest criminals. To prevent crime, your security provider, employees and police must work together as a team.

Some recent apprehensions at Radius Security sites show what effective teamwork looks like.

SBA Summons Police. A suspicious behaviour alert (SBA) means an operator at the Radius Central Monitoring Station remotely triggers sirens and strobe lights on site. It is an effective way to flush out suspicious intruders who move out of camera view, or scare them away. On June 17, a Radius operator watched a trespasser escape from a construction site before a police unit could be dispatched. Noticing a passing cruiser, she triggered an SBA. The officers stopped and arrested the suspect.

Co-ordinated Security. Clients also play a critical role in apprehensions. On June 20, both Radius operators and police on site monitored the movements of two intruders at a construction site. The officers asked Radius for access to the site. Radius, in turn, contacted the client, who quickly dispatched an employee living nearby. With the client’s co-operation, the police swiftly confronted the intruders and ordered them to leave.

Elusive Intruder. Good communication between your security provider and the police may be the key to apprehending suspects. On June 23, Radius operators spotted an intruder searching bins at a construction site. Police surrounded the property and cleared the site. They found nothing. Almost two hours later, Radius security cameras again detect the suspect leaving with an extra bag. Operators call the police back. They arrest the intruder off site.

As these examples show, installing the most sophisticated security cameras and technology is only the first step. To catch criminals, security personnel must respond quickly to alerts and use these tools creatively as needed. They must maintain excellent communications with both police and clients. Clients, in turn, need an effective protocol for supporting the security and police response. Meanwhile, a good working relationship builds up trust between your security provider and police. So, when an initial report turns up nothing, police don’t dismiss the call as a careless false alarm. Instead, they return when requested and catch the suspect red-handed.


 Note: This blog discusses general safety and security topics. It is not intended to provide comprehensive advice or guidance. In all matters of personal safety and security, we encourage readers to research topics in depth and consult a security professional about specific concerns.

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